6th Feb 2018
Linux friendly

A by-product of the recent JAQ code rewrite is the new JAQ code and database will happily run on a Linux server!

In the past JAQ could only be installed on a Windows server, but now Linux servers can be used as another option. A Linux server is cheaper, more secure and slightly faster for many applications, JAQ included. You still use Windows on your workstation PC's, but the shared drives and JAQ live on a Linux server instead of a Windows server.

The disadvantage of Linux is its not as common as Windows, so you need to shop around to find a PC technician who can provide the support you need.

We've been working with Gavin from Orion Online to test JAQ on a Linux server over the last couple of weeks.

1st Jan 2018
JAQ "ported"

Over the last 18 months the JAQ system's software has been re-written ( or "ported" ) to run a different software language. From the users perspective, there is no difference in the way JAQ looks or works, but from a coding point of view, its a completely new system.

JAQ was originally written in Microsoft's ASP language, which is no longer supported. The new language, PHP, has a large support community behind it, making it future proof with new features and improvements added constantly.

JAQ Software would like to thank those businesses who were our guinea-pigs while the new JAQ was rolled out and tested in the wild. Your patience and feedback was appreciated.

5th May 2017
Rasomware Attacks!

Another business I deal with has been hit with ransomware. Likely the attack was from an email. Firewall's and Anti-virus software DO NOT protect you from ransomware.

I'm starting to sound like a stuck record here, but the only protection you have from ransomware is your off line ( disconnected ) backup. If you don't have backups, you have no choice but to pay the ransom and hope the criminals send you the key to unlock your data.

Every business should have someone on staff who understands how ransomware works, and is responsible for the backups of your data.

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